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Sherwood Sword Coat-of-Arms

Sherwood Sword Coat-of-Arms
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The story of Robin Hood is legendary, and the Sherwood Sword celebrates the knights and warriors who defended the realm and its people with a hand-painted family coat-of-arms on a medieval sword.

Forged from 440 steel, with a blade reaching almost 4 feet in length (47”), the Sherwood Sword features a hilt intricately embossed for an impressive handle. A wooden mount features the hand-painted coat-of-arms granted to your family surname.

Only available for US.

Plus, a bonus coat-of-arms is hand-painted so the sword is flanked by two shields, at no additional cost. When adding to your cart, choose your preferred format:

1. Double Coat-of-Arms:

Celebrates the union of two names in marriage (specify male and female surnames)

2. Country of Origin:

Your single family coat-of-arms is accompanied by the national coat-of-arms for the country of origin of your name.

Military? You can ask for the COA for Army, Navy, Marines and we'll honor your request and hand-paint its historic arms.

Simply provide the family surname(s) at check out (and country of origin, if known), and we’ll do the rest, researching an extensive library of heraldic texts.

Then, the authentic coat-of-arms is hand-painted by a master artist with durable oil-based enamels for vibrant color and lasting finish. Please note: swords only ship to US & Canada.

  • Direct from the artist for biggest savings
  • Blade length is 47”
  • Made-to-order artwork ships in only 1 week
  • Swords ONLY available in US
  • All nationalities available!


Price: $199.95

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