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Gift Set - Double Parchment [3 Frames]

Gift Set - Double Parchment [3 Frames]
Item Number: 7025

Celebrate the joining of two family names with this gift set on premium parchment paper—perfect for weddings, anniversaries or any special occasion.

This Gift Set includes two Family Name Histories and one Hand-Painted Double Coat-of-Arms, each within their own hardwood frame, so you can arrange and display them horizontally, vertical or anyway you like. Simply select your preferred matting color (Green or Blue)!


Family Name History

An in-depth look at the origin of both family surnames, each individually researched from authentic sources. Discover the origin of your family surnames, its first recorded uses and other notable people who share that surname.

Each name history includes the Blazon of Arms—the written description of the coat-of-arms—which is then painted by hand by a master artist. Thousands of family name histories have been carefully researched on all nationalities—simply provide yours and let your history come to life.

Double Hand-Painted Coat-of-Arms [Parchment]

Premium parchment paper becomes the perfect canvas for your past, present and future, as the authentic coat-of-arms for your family surnames is painted by hand to exacting standards.

Other retailers (who shall remain unnamed) market low-resolution computer printouts destined to disappoint. We ONLY provide genuine hand-painted artwork.

Simply provide the family surnames at check out (and country of origin, if known), and we’ll do the rest. Each family coat-of-arms is carefully researched, then hand-painted by a master artist with durable oil-based enamels for vibrant color and lasting finish.

Family surnames are painted by hand on the top scroll, while the family motto or country of origin is added to the base scroll, displayed side-by-side for a lasting union of names.

Is this for a wedding or anniversary? You can request the date to be added, and we’ll hand-paint it on the scroll between the shields, commemorating the joining of names, at no additional cost.

  • Direct from the artist for biggest savings
  • Two Family Name Histories and Double Hand-Painted Parchment
  • Each frame measures 14”h x 17”w (set of three)
  • Made-to-order artwork ships in only 1 week
  • Canada shipping rate $49.95
  • Europe & Australia shipping rate $69.95
  • All nationalities available!


Price: $229.95

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