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Heraldry Center
<p> <img alt="" height="348" src="http://shieldandcrest.com/images/25939401.jpg" width="231" />The Artist: Jack O&#39;Farrell One day, as a wee boy in Ireland, searching through a treasure trove of old family photos (some of which I decorated, much to my mother&rsquo;s horror), I came upon a letter, with a familiar-looking building at the top&mdash;The White House. It was addressed to my father, signed by none other than Eleanor Roosevelt, thanking him for a work of hand-painted calligraphy. Later, I discovered he had also been commissioned to do a heraldic scroll for Queen Elizabeth II, marking her coronation. Learning of warriors, knights and nobility, I became enamored with the art of heraldry and have made it my life&#39;s work ever since. At Shield and Crest, I honor the time-tested materials and methods learned from my father&mdash;vibrant oils, lasting enamels, brilliant gold and silver leaf, parchment and vellum, Indian inks, fine paintbrushes and pen nibs, and most of all, pride in what I do. Others may digitize and print out family coats-of-arms, but not us. Pixels cannot possibly capture the beauty and details of your heraldic symbols in the way a paintbrush can. While I&rsquo;ve personally had the honor of creating heraldic works for two US Presidents, several Ambassadors and numerous celebrities, EVERY family crest is in fact, a commissioned work of art. When you choose Shield and Crest, your coat-of-arms is carefully researched, and faithfully brought to life by an experienced artist. &quot;Nothing captures the vibrant beauty of your family crest like skilled brushwork. At Shield &amp; Crest, we masterfully hand-paint for a look that lasts for this generation and the next.&quot; - Jack O&#39;Farrell</p>