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Posted on 08/12/2013

Coats of arms ( Family Crests) in Scotland come under the control of the Court Of Lord Lyon. There are eleven officers of the court and they deal with all aspects of Scottish heraldry and the granting of new grants of arms. Under the Lyon King Of Arms Act of 1672 the applicant must be “a virtuous and well deserving person”. The petitioner must also have domicile in Scotland, as opposed to owning land on which he or she doesn’t actually live. It is not possible for a non-British citizen to be granted a Scottish coat of arms (family crest) unless they can show a direct lineage to a Scottish ancestor who had an original grant of arms.

A new grant of arms from the Scottish Lyon Office does not come cheap however. Depending on whether you wish to have the arms with the mantling and motto, the fee for a grant of arms ranges from $2263 up to $4741.

At www.shieldandcrest.com we will also hand-paint the coat of arms of your choice, just as artistically as the Scottish Lyon Office, but at a fraction of their prices! In fact, our prices for hand painted work start at an amazing $8! Call us, Toll-Free at (866) 289-2798 for details.